Raspberry Pi: Quest For An All In One Home Automation System


My prototyping platform, a Radio Shack project enclosure and an external battery pack for ultra-portability. 


Over the last few months I have been building a home automation system using the beloved Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, and XBee (zigbee wireless protocol) wireless units.

The system is fully built in the virtual world, every function planned and tested, and every security flaw documented for future updates.

When researching a single Home Automation system I found there’s nothing on the market that met our needs or budget, Belkin for example uses a wifi system with a cost of $49 per outlet and little to no advanced or “automated” features. The systems on the market today either lack scalability or function.

So the build was on and planning began immediately. There’s a million and one things you need to think about before building out a system of this nature. Are you going to use wireless sensors, wired sensors, RF, wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc, etc.

Our plan includes almost all of the above with the luxury of creating one single control panel via PHP. A Raspberry Pi 2 serves as the main brains of the system hosting our home panel via an Apache server running on the Pi itself.

Currently all of the sensors, controls, automated features, and hard wired components are in live testing. The first detailed write up will be the Garage Door Opener / Status that personally is what led me to begin this journey. I’ll be posting about this build in the next post!

Keep Making, Keep Coding.   


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