Shop Talk – iPhone & iPad Glass Solution To Keep Employees Safe

Glass everywhere, in every corner, crevice, and other wierd places. We know and we want to help.
As any repair owner knows there isn’t a lack of broken glass of all shapes and sizes on the floor of your repair center and on top of your workstations (especially after an iPad screen replacement). For those retail stores whom have industrial carpet this problem can’t be handled by any ordinary vacuum cleaner. Those who have hardwood floors have it a bit easier but you’ll always habe those pieces of iPad glass that find their way to the floor adhesive side down ha!
Years ago when I noticed this was a problem within the stores I began to brainstorm on how to stop glass from falling on the floor (as much) and how to remove it if it does. My first solution was easy, simply slide off the glass from our anti-static mats into the trash. Then I started thinking. A trash bag, full of sharp shards of glass, being carried out… Not a good idea.

The idea came to me while I was at Home Depot with my wife. Restaurants use glass only trash cans so why can’t repair companies?

Brilliant! Well, not really brilliant and I’m sure it’s being done somewhere but I had to share especially for newer shop owners. I’ve used these buckets for years and let me tell you I love them. You can even set one up for iPad Mini glass in which you are awaiting to remove/salvage by de-soldering the IC chip.
So here’s the basic rundown:
  • Purchase as many standard orange Home Depot buckets as you have work stations. They’re cheap, real cheap ($2.49 I believe).
  • Head over to the hardware section and purchase screw hooks (hook with a threaded end) for each bucket that you purchased. If you don’t know these usually are either loose in drawers or hanging retail style in a plastic retail package.  You’ll be using these hooks to mount and hang our awesome Home Depot buckets.
Now let’s put these to work!
  • Now you’re all set! Install a hook under each workstation close enough that when the home depot bucket is attached half of the bucket opening overlaps your workstation.

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