3.28 The End of an Era: Here I am 30’s

As the first full day being officially out of the “twenty something” group is among us. I’ve officially survived my teens and twenties, which at many times is a surprise. My life of extreme sports and flying through the air with no regard for personally safety is over.

The streetbikes, quads, fast cars, and other bachelor toys are long gone. Yet the replacement to my younger life is a blessing. Now married to the greatest woman in the world, an extremely loving family, our own house and “son” (no we’re not pregnant I’m talking about my French Bulldog lol).

I would love to thank everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes online or in person. I appreciate reading through the messages and reflecting much more than I did on let’s say my 20th birthday.

It’s amazing how fast time starts to pass by…here’s to holding onto as much as I can.

Thank You All!

josh macgown birthday ipad repair man

josh macgown birthday ipad repair man  josh macgown birthday ipad repair man                              


For all of those who wished me well through LinkedIn, Text, Twitter, and any other source: Thank you, I’ll try to get some images edited to post. 

As always support the dream:

Allentown iPad & iPhone Repair


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