One Simple Way To Increase Adwords Conversion Rate, While Lowering Cost 

PPC (or pay per click) advertising is a vital key for the online marketing of any business during the SEO strategy planning or to supplement during times of low volume months. It’s an all access pass to reaching the customer searching for your product or service versus showing ads to millions of people simply visiting websites. The difference in strategy between banner ads and PPC is large. These banner ads are usually charged by the amount of impressions (the amount of times it’s shown to viewers). With banner ads you’re spending marketing dollars in hope: 

  1.  Your customers visit the page in which you are advertising
  2. They actual notice your ad 
  3. AND they are in need of your products or services at that time. 

Long shot right?

With a PPC option such as Adwords Express, potential customers see your ad only if they are actively seeking your products or services via keywords. Obviously this increases the chance of a conversion or sale. However your campaigns can decrease ROI if you’re paying for clicks in which your customer is already searching for your brand or a top 3 long tail keyword. 

So how do you know which ads are giving you the highest marketing ROI?

Smarter, not harder with data. There’s a simple way to save money on advertising as well as increasing your conversion rate. Assuming you have a group of ads currently running let’s find the wasted marketing expenses, or at least attempt to lower the amount of unnecessary clicks. 

On your Adwords express dashboard you can see the details of each ad, we are looking for “searched terms”. Chances are if an ad’s majority of clicks is from the “your business name” search term then you need to modify, or stop running the ad. 

Adwords PPC Search Terms 

You’ve worked hard creating your brand, why pay for those who are already actively searching for it? 

If more than 25% of a PPC clicks are from a “branded keyword” chances are your advertising dollars aren’t being spent wisely.


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