Social Media: Stop The Hate

I’ve discussed this subject before and for one reason or another I still can’t seem to get it out of my head. Maybe it’s because I see it so often or possibly because it gets me so worked up. I’m not sure but this disgusting behavior is rampant. 

Social media is the most powerful tool for communication (and marketing) since the telephone. We use it to share photos of loved ones, news, funny memes, and even interact with our favorite brands in the market place. 

My question still remains: When did social media become a bash fest for people using it? Is it human nature to choose to see someone’s posts only to blatantly make fun of them? 

Social media was created to share and connect with others as we all know. Yet It seems the moment someone shares what they like to do as a hobby here come the trolls “we don’t want to know this”, “you’re not a fitness expert”, “I eat food too!” or “stop posting things about your diet”. 

How about you stop being a dick and find new friends then? See that unfollow button? The unfriend button? Yea…you can use those so you don’t see this person’s “horrendous” posts.   
Then we have people who post positive things and try to spread knowledge. Again here come the trolls: “Stop posting life quotes”, “your Facebook is like a coffee table book”, “Your posts are boring me”, “you don’t deserve to be happy” like really? C’mon. 

If you don’t like it get over it. You chose willingly to be friends with this person, follow them on Twitter, or even Instagram. You’ll never find me willingly following someone only to bash on them for what they post. There’s too much hate in this world to bring it into a platform that our youngest generation are actively using. Just as racism recycles itself so does this type of bullying or “trash talk”. 

Some people take to social media to vent frustrations and just let it out and that’s completely ok. A lot of people don’t have this amazing support system of 32 doctors (all who are related to you), 14 lawyers (your cousins), a couple therapists (in laws) and a rocket scientist (your BFF) that you must have with your witty comments. 

This is a huge problem in our society and the effects it has on future generations is unknown. We used to congratulate and bring people up who were successful or grinding to be successful. Now a friend posts a positive picture or quote and that person is all of a sudden fake. 

We used to be able to share a small amount of feelings while reaching out to our friends before (this is my favorite) “your personal life doesn’t belong on Facebook”. Ok well, since you invented the platform what the fuck does belong on Facebook? Do you just want pictures of beer, guns, and girls? Well how intelligent you are my friend. You’re an irreplaceable assett to the population.

Who cares what this person posts? It’s your choice to follow or friend. It’s about as stupid as buying opera tickets when indeed, you hate the opera. What does it matter if their opinions are now on Facebook or they post about a problem in life they are experiencing?  I’m a supporter of keeping certain things off the social media scene but that doesn’t mean I can be a dick and try to impose my beliefs on others. 

The best is the people who talk about social media postings in real life. So you have so much going for you that you bring up people’s Facebook posts at the local watering hole, restaurant, or gathering? That’s damn near stalker status. If you remember what someone posted on July 9th 2013 and bring it up in public then you should evaluate how you’re living your life. 

We can’t move forward as a society if we can’t even be happy for other people’s successes. Trust me they’ve had just as many if not more failures and traumatic events as you. 

It’s simple really. Don’t be a dick, respect what others believe and do, help people when you can, have manners, treat women like goddesses, and don’t steal shit. Trust me karma comes back around and you want to be on this side of the line. 



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