Apple To FBI: We Will Not Create A Backdoor

 FBI Apple iPhone 
Most of those who know me or follow me for the most part know my stance when it comes to firearms, freedom, and our nations ongoing security threat that is isis. You also may know my passion for technology and my expertise in the field. If you don’t know I’m a firm supporter of the second amendment and have openly supported the 2A cause for many, many years. I’m also an expert in the field of technology focusing a majority of my work on Apple’s operating system. 

 FBI Hack Apple iPhone 
Most people would like you to think because I’m a supporter of the second amendment I’m also in favor of deportations, walls, and stepping on American freedoms in the name of terrorism. This couldn’t be further from the truth (don’t get me wrong there are plenty of wackos out there). I’m far from being an extremist. Thankfully I was blessed with the intelligence to process a situation without relying or imposing my personal beliefs.  

 FBI requests backdoor to iPhone 
I’m sure you’re wondering how this has anything to do with anything and rightfully so. Recently the federal government (The FBI to be exact) asked upon Apple to create a backdoor into its operating system in order to retrieve data from a San Berdino terrorist suspect. Now I as an American and for the victims families I feel we should have access to all of their data once they cross the line into terrorism. I don’t believe terrorists have rights if they kill innocent Americans. The problem that arises is that there is no way to gain this data. 

Apple doesn’t have a key or a secret code to gain access to an Apple device. It simply doesn’t exist. 
The FBI promises that if created it would never leak into public hands…really? The list can go on forever of hacked data taken directly from the FBI’s “secure database”. 

Most Americans don’t fully understand the consequences of building such a “back door”. If created every single Apple device would now be vulnerable. The amount of personal information held on someone’s iPhone or iPad is greater than the information that can be taken from a person’s wallet. The results of creating such a loop hole would be a devastating blow to security all over the world and it won’t stop here. If allowed the FBI would be able to demand access to any system at any time…this is a scary situation to be put in. 

People have even gone as far as boycotting Apple until this happens. Not only is this ignorant but it proves that most people don’t understand the seriousness of such a request. This cannot happen. If you would like more information on just how serious this is do a Google search and learn about the other consequences of creating such a master key. 


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