Cracker Barrel Outrage: Is Brad’s Wife Pregnant?

Brad demanded answers from Cracker Barrel as to why his wife was fired after 11 years of service and the internet was set on fire. Now some are saying not only did she get fired on Brad’s birthday but she’s also pregnant! #justiceforbradswife 

If your wondering who the hell Brad is and why it seems the entire internet is demanding answers from Cracker Barrel here’s the quick recap:

Bradley Reid recently took to Facebook to question Cracker Barrel’s actions and to explain an apparent injustice. His wife Nanette was allegedly let go from the job at a branch of Cracker Barrel in Indiana after 11 years of what the internet is calling loyal service.

The online quickly came to Brad’s defense trolling Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page. These immediate comments went viral and exploded onto Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag #justiceforbradswife has been trending for the last 72 hours. Local businesses and even other food chains are taking advantage of the publicity offering to hire Brad’s wife through their social media profiles and a petition on has already gathered thousands of signatures. 

Now news has emerged that Brad’s wife may be pregnant and Twitter is pretty confident this is true. Reviews have even been spotted on Yelp and other review apps in support of his wife and their unborn child. 

The internet will seen enough be demanding if Brad’s wife is indeed pregnant and I’ve gotta say, I need to know. 


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