This Week In Social: 3/27 – 4/02

It is still unknown why Brad’s wife was fired, the hashtags are slowing but still has traction. Very interested to see if the internet continues to fight. 

April holds out and still no baby giraffe in sight, the internet is starting to brawl within two camps: She’s pregnant vs It’s A Hoax. People are actually seriously thinking it’s a hoax. You can’t make this shit up! A hoax? …..Sooooooo an animal park decided to pull the biggest hoax in social media history, with a giraffe, and a live feed? C’mon. 

Cash Me Oussside girl isn’t going away and is actually uptrending. She recently signed on to a reality show and influencers are still supporting her with cameos. #stopalready  

Facebook launched “Facebook Stories” and Snapchat goes all out savage with an instagram filter. With a default heart from “my_mom” Snap takes another jab at the aging FB user base. It’s about time they started to clap back and they did so on April 1st,  just to be a tad passive aggressive. 

Speaking of April 1st, April fools day was epic this year. Top honors were unanimously given to PornHub with their brilliant pop up (see below 😂). Google won over nostalgic hearts by adding Ms Pacman to GoogleMaps….oh and “summer body memes” are beginning their descent on timelines across the US. 



Till next week internets, my fascination isn’t going anywhere. 



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