My Next Feature: The Hustle, The Art, The Passion 

I have a unique obsession with social media trends, viral content, and those users who facilitate them. I crave understanding how users (and potential customers) digest content, share content, and inevitably buy because of content. I’m addicted to understanding what causes people to pledge their undying allegiance to someone, or something online. What causes the real life emotional connection with someone whom is completely alien to them? I’ve learned that consuming knowledge is my addiction and I acquire my drug of choice by constantly asking why.

So what drives my addiction? I’m still learning this answer but I can tell you how it began. It started when I immersed myself into online marketing in 2008. I had launched a service, I needed to market said service and I saw the marketing landscape changing. The change in consumers buying habits, the reversal in how they digested advertising/content, and where they now focused their attention became my focus. What started as a need of necessity soon became my everything and it quickly took over my daily thoughts. Everyday I fell deeper and deeper, into the rabbit hole. (An elaboration on this will be included in Manifesto II) 

Since then I’ve been active in the space of social and content marketing. Aside from taking an abrupt hiatus – completely vanishing from social to work on my personal health and to process a divorce – I’ve consistently contributed to others digital hustles in every capacity.

That brings us to the now and how I came to my upcoming blog post idea. You see, I usually write, promote or instigate discussions on “viral content”. I needed some ideas for this weeks write up so I reached out to my social family for suggestions on what was “trending” or going “viral”. That’s when someone reached out to offer their insight to my request. This person is someone who has been using social media to promote and share their passion for some time. Someone who has more talent than any piece of viral content I’ve seen in the last decade….

At this point I realized that I have multiple people that fit into this catagory within in my networks. People who have unique skills, undying passion, and an addiction to create. They offer something that is much more substantial than a trending hashtag, viral video or top notch meme. I asked them via Facebook post to offer some insight on what they’re doing, where they’re going, or how their creative process works…and I was not disappointed.

I initially thought “I’ll do one post to capture these creators work, in place of my this week in social”…but I underestimate the response. The amazing stories, processes, and work examples I received was more than one post worthy. 

This talent I have access to via my social realm was worth featuring over multiple posts. My audience would be fascinated with their processes and each of those involved could also benefit by being introduced to each other….a win win for all involved. 

Hence! A new blog was created, “This Week In Social: Addicted To Creating” was born and officially kicks off in my next post this week. The first artist I’m featuring not only has a unique view on life worth listening to,  but he also creates mind blowing artwork that will have your mind and soul to checking out for hours on end. We connected years ago because we share a last name, however we aren’t sure if we’re related. Regardless, I became instantly fascinated by his work. He even sent prints to my house which I now consider my most valuable possessions. 

My upcoming feature will include a personal write up from Joe himself, photos of his works, and a guide on how to find his social profiles, links, and website. Here’s a sneak peak of his write up on his life, process, and what makes him tick.


“For me, creating art is a necessary part of my everyday life… I have read thousands of books…I have worked as an entomologist for almost thirty years, I play several stringed instruments…and I love nature….All I do is let my ideas and thoughts flow out from my subconscious….Art can be anything and everything…For me, art is an escape from reality.”

 -Joe MacGown

His art is the realization of his everyday questioning of life, religion, and,”normal” events. No matter how you interpret his work, Joe’s the real deal. He’s been working on his craft all his life. He’s had his art featured in galleries, shows, and every other possible venue. He’s “done the work”, he’s proven his worth, and his passion inspires me. Not to mention his productions blow my mind. You’ll be able to see the full story in a couple days which include his personal thoughts, work examples and ways to contact him.  I pride myself in digging deeper into the farbric of a creators being and I feel I’ve succeeded in this coming post. Joe has been amazing in this process and I am truly grateful for his participation. 

UPDATE: The follow up to this is on its way I promise!


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