My Next Feature: The Hustle, The Art, The Passion 

I have a unique obsession with social media trends, viral content, and those users who facilitate them. I crave understanding how users (and potential customers) digest content, share content, and inevitably buy because of content. I'm addicted to understanding what causes people to pledge their undying allegiance to someone, or something online. What causes the … Continue reading My Next Feature: The Hustle, The Art, The Passion 


It’s My Birfffday! 

Your birthday only comes around once a year (unless your one of those weirdo leap babies) so to celebrate this festive event I'm not publishing any content!  Other than this post of course...and probably an end of the week thank you for all the wishes gathered from social media...but that's it...unless something awesome happens...then cancel … Continue reading It’s My Birfffday! 

Exploding Batteries, Missing Teeth & Melted Jeeps

A woman's headphones exploded on a commercial flight this year, an elderly couple's laptop almost destroyed their home, vapor cigarettes have exploded with such violence that one user's teeth were knocked out, hover boards have melted a Jeep yes, melted ha!) and burned others homes. So are our electronics out to destroy humans? Not quite. These problems have all been caused by lithium ion batteries overheating or rupturing inside these devices. So..after all these years why are we now seeing this problem?