My Next Feature: The Hustle, The Art, The Passion 

I have a unique obsession with social media trends, viral content, and those users who facilitate them. I crave understanding how users (and potential customers) digest content, share content, and inevitably buy because of content. I'm addicted to understanding what causes people to pledge their undying allegiance to someone, or something online. What causes the … Continue reading My Next Feature: The Hustle, The Art, The Passion 


It’s My Birfffday! 

Your birthday only comes around once a year (unless your one of those weirdo leap babies) so to celebrate this festive event I'm not publishing any content!  Other than this post of course...and probably an end of the week thank you for all the wishes gathered from social media...but that's it...unless something awesome happens...then cancel … Continue reading It’s My Birfffday! 

Social Media: Stop The Hate

I've discussed this subject before and for one reason or another I still can't seem to get it out of my head. Maybe it's because I see it so often or possibly because it gets me so worked up. I'm not sure but this disgusting behavior is rampant.  Social media is the most powerful tool … Continue reading Social Media: Stop The Hate

3.28 The End of an Era: Here I am 30’s

As the first full day being officially out of the "twenty something" group is among us. I've officially survived my teens and twenties, which at many times is a surprise. My life of extreme sports and flying through the air with no regard for personally safety is over.  The streetbikes, quads, fast cars, and other … Continue reading 3.28 The End of an Era: Here I am 30’s