One Simple Way To Increase Adwords Conversion Rate, While Lowering Cost 

PPC (or pay per click) advertising is a vital key for the online marketing of any business during the SEO strategy planning or to supplement during times of low volume months. It's an all access pass to reaching the customer searching for your product or service versus showing ads to millions of people simply visiting [...]

Shop Talk – iPhone & iPad Glass Solution To Keep Employees Safe

Glass everywhere, in every corner, crevice, and other wierd places. We know and we want to help. As any repair owner knows there isn't a lack of broken glass of all shapes and sizes on the floor of your repair center and on top of your workstations (especially after an iPad screen replacement). For those [...]

Raspberry Pi: Quest For An All In One Home Automation System

 My prototyping platform, a Radio Shack project enclosure and an external battery pack for ultra-portability. THE PROJECT: AUTOMATE ME!Over the last few months I have been building a home automation system using the beloved Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, and XBee (zigbee wireless protocol) wireless units. The system is fully built in the virtual world, every function planned [...]